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Sarah Bonham

Zyia Activewear
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Sarah and I run an online activewear shop. I offer a high quality collection of activewear for men, women and children. From everyday life to high intensity training I have you covered.

Keri Brecht

Web Design & Organizational Tools
[email protected]

Hi I’m Keri! I am a website designer & branding specialist from Iowa. I currently live in Guatemala. I help women with BIG dreams turn those dreams into reality by building a strong brand & website, organize their lives and businesses with my signature digital organizational tools, and much more! Just call me the “dream maker”!

Tyler Lucchese

Baby Bloom Newborn Services
(401) 496-2044

Baby Bloom’s team of Newborn Care Specialists provide newborn care, virtual childbirth classes and pediatric sleep training. Our goal is to relieve you of stress and empower you on your journey into motherhood!

Rachael Nicastro

Herbalife Nutrition
(401) 595-2121

Hi I’m Rachael and I am a health and wellness coach  with Herbalife nutrition offering people a better way of life through proper nutrition support and accountability to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Sara Zarrella

Sara Zarrella Photography

Your award winning wedding & portrait photographers. We capture your magical moments as #SZPDreamCouple & #SZPDreamFamily making you feel fabulous!

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