Massage Therapy & Wellness
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I found my sessions beneficial and relaxing. I've already booked my next appointment.
Jackie was great! She worked the spots I asked and the massage was VERY relaxing! The warmed bed definitely made it a wonderful massage on a cold winter day.
Absolutely thrilled with the level of service and professionalism. Jackie is one of the best, and my fiance also agrees. We usually go to the Norwich spa three or four times a year and she is better than that. thanks!!!
the best massage I have ever had. She was fantastic
 I have known Jim for a few years now and he has kept me very informed about Reiki as an alternative form of treatment. I suffer from migraines and scoliosis so many normal daily activities can be very painful. The few treatments I have had time to receive have been a true positive experience. I would recommend Jim and this form of treatment to all. There are no negative side effects and incorporating this into my life has been uplifting. My back has been virtually pain free and I have not had a headache in months which makes me and those closest to me very happy. Pain is miserable, having none makes life much more enjoyable.

I had a 90-minute hot stone massage--it was incredible! Bridget was so thorough, she worked tension out of areas that no other massage therapist has ever touched. It was by far the most comprehensive massage I've ever had, will definitely be back

My therapist was very professional and courteous. Her name was Rebecca and I would highly recommend her. She gave me my massage and the only time she spoke was to ask if I was comfortable which allowed me to relax.

Get George, he's wonderful and unlike others gave the full 60 min. of massage.

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